Denzel Washington Might Be In His First Sequel EVER! Sony Announces A Follow-Up To The Equalizer Is In The Works!

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Denzel Washington is one of the few actors who has yet to make a sequel for any of his movies over the span of his lengthy career.

But that might change, as Sony announced official plans for a second installment of The Equalizer — the 2014 action thriller starring the 60-year-old actor!

The original film is about a retired black ops government operative who helps out a young girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters. Yikes!

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Rumors of an Equalizer sequel have swirled even before the first film was released in theaters! And just last year, it was reported that scribe Richard Wenk had been called to assemble a script for the second part of the story.

The sequel was announced this week at CinemaCon. Though no release date has been announced, we can’t imagine Sony would greenlight the project unless the Oscarwinning actor was attached.

This just opens the door for other sequels to Denzel movies, right?! We’d all get in line to see Unstoppabler or The Taking Of Pelham 4, 5, and 6… right?

Will U be seeing The Equalizer sequel (aka The Sequelizer? LOLz)

[Image via Sony Pictures.]

Apr 23, 2015 11:14am PDT

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