Jerry O’Connell Once Tried To Put The Moves On Mariah Carey And Got Shot Down In The Most Epic Way!

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Way before he was married to Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell had his sights set on another beauty — Mariah Carey!

Back in 1999, Jerry was cast as the object of Mimi’s affection in her Heartbreaker music video.

For some reason, Jerry thought their on-camera chemistry would translate off-camera, so one day he gathered enough courage to knock on her trailer door.

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He retold their encounter on Watch What Happens Live. Ch-ch-check out the clip below (jump to the one minute mark)!

Unfortunately, he and Mariah did not go together like babies and pacifiers.

Her then-boyfriend, Luis Miguel, came with his posse and tossed the would-be Romeo out.

Ironically, just last month, Mariah and the director of the HeartbreakerBrett Ratnerreportedly had a fling. That’s fifteen years after the music video was shot! Maybe Mariah really is the elusive chanteuse.

[Image via VEVO/YouTube.]

Apr 23, 2015 7:37pm PST

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