Say Goodbye To Your Childhood, Because Kraft’s Mac & Cheese Is Getting Rid Of Its Iconic Neon Orange Glow!

Kraft Mac & Cheese will NEVER be the same again!

This is kind of like finding out that your mom is actually the Tooth Fairy, only it’s WAY worse!!!

Anyone who has ever had a childhood has probably experienced the warm, ooey gooey goodness that’s known as Kraft Mac & Cheese!

But before you start getting too nostalgic, we have some bad news that might give you case of the blue box blues!


That’s right! That mystical orange glow that we all grew to know and love will be a thing of the past, as Kraft will be removing artificial preservatives and synthetic colors from their classic dish!

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We’re sure there’s plenty of you out there wondering why they would do such a thing, and Kraft’s vice president of marketing Triona Schmelter has the answer:

“Consumers have been telling us, and parents in particular, that they want to feel good about the foods that they eat and that they serve their families.”

Translation: The mac and cheese is just too dang orange!!!

While it seems clear Kraft is trying to make their dish LOOK healthier, they actually wont be changing the flavor of it AT ALL! So you at least have that bit of your childhood to hold on to!

R.I.P. Neon Orange Kraft Mac and Cheese: You kept our bellies full for many nights, and we’ll never forget you!

Apr 23, 2015 7:00am PDT

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