As A Kid, Mila Kunis Allegedly Stole A Chicken From A Ukrainian Child — And Now, Mila Is Being Sued! But Don’t Worry, She’s Got A Response Ready!

mila kunis ashton kutcher respond to lawsuit

Which came first — the chicken or the stealing!?

Well, Mila Kunis is vehement that she did not steal a chicken from a Ukrainian child. However, singer Kristina Karo claims that when the That ’70s Show actress was a kid, she stole her chicken named “Doggie” — causing her to go to therapy.

The Ukrainian woman is officially suing the Jupiter Ascending star after filing in Small Claims court on Monday in Los Angeles. LOLz!

According to People, Kristina also alleges that being in Los Angeles near the actress has triggered more emotional trauma resulting in even more therapy. Excuse us?!?

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The new mom took to Meerkat with husband Ashton Kutcher to defend herself against the lawsuit.

The couple seemed both humored and outraged by the whole ordeal!

The Black Swan actress joked:

“I was weeping … I was dumbfounded … Which chicken did I steal?”

The Dude Where’s My Car actor then pointed out that the singer has a music video coming out right around the same time as the lawsuit. Coincidence? Yeah — we don’t think so either, Ashton!

Because of the video, the actress joked about plans to countersue.

She stated:

“My body hurts, my eyes hurt; they’re burning. That requires money.”

We feel ya, girl! Ch-ch-check out what else the couple had to say in their video HERE!

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Apr 23, 2015 11:31am PDT

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