Sony & Marvel’s Shortlist For The Next Spider-Man Revealed! Meet The Young Stars AND Learn Their Chances Of Scoring The Role HERE!

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Who will star in the next Spider-Man is a HUGE decision, but Marvel and Sony are going to have to choose wisely AND quickly — the Spidey actor will have to film a part in Captain America: Civil War in June!

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The studios reportedly have a shortlist of five young stars to potentially screen test for the role.

But who are these up-and-coming actors?

We break down their bios AND their odds of being the next Peter Parker (below)!

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Asa Butterfield

Age: 18

What You Know Him From: Hugo, Ender’s Game

What He Brings To The Role: Asa has shown himself capable of a purity and innocence that will make audiences fall in love with a new wall-crawler. (And he was on our Spidey shortlist as well!)

What Could Hurt His Chances: Um, we’re not seeing much. He’s our frontrunner for sure.

Odds: 2-1

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Liam James

Age: 18

What You Know Him From: Psych, The Killing, The Way Way Back

What He Brings To The Role: As young Shawn in Psych flashbacks, Liam was a spectacular smart aleck. And his turn in the coming-of-age dramedy The Way Way Back showed his depth.

What Could Hurt His Chances: Based on recent pics, he seems like he’s still growing. Studios can’t risk recasting if he gets much bigger and taller.

Odds: 12-1

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Nat Wolff

Age: 20

What You Know Him From: The Fault In Our Stars, The Naked Brothers Band

What He Brings To The Role: As Isaac in TFiOS and Quentin in the upcoming Paper Towns, Nat pairs vulnerability with strength of character — a necessary combo for Peter.

What Could Hurt His Chances: Simply put, his age. Marvel have already said they plan on a much younger Peter, and college-aged Nat may have already aged out of the role.

Odds: 10-1

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Timothée Chalamet

Age: 19

What You Know Him From: Interstellar, Homeland

What He Brings To The Role: Timothée brought a lot of maturity to his scandalous storyline on Homeland and even held his own against Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar.

(He also reportedly dated Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes. It won’t help his chances, but we couldn’t NOT mention!)

What Could Hurt His Chances: He has a young female fan base, but so far he hasn’t played very likable characters; studios could see that as a drawback.

Odds: 15-1

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Tom Holland

Age: 19

What You Know Him From: The Impossible, How I Live Now

What He Brings To The Role: He had a huge, acting powerhouse role as a boy surviving a tsunami in The Impossible. And he shares the screen with Thor himself Chris Hemsworth in Ron Howard‘s upcoming In The Heart Of The Sea.

What Could Hurt His Chances: The British actor is easily the least well-known of the candidates, though studios may see that as a good thing; he could be synonymous with Spider-Man.

Odds: 8-1

What do YOU think of these actors’ chances?

[Image via Sony/Marvel/Daniel Deme/Brian To/Judy Eddy/Andres Oteros/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Apr 23, 2015 1:24pm PDT

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