This Five-Year-Old Transgender Boy Is All The Inspiration You’ll Need To Get Through The Day! Hear His Story HERE!

Jacob Lemay is the most inspiration 5-year-old you'll read about today!

We always knew the best things come in small packages!!!

At first glance, Jacob Lemay seems like your typical five-year-old boy who loves to play with his two sisters! But what some people might not realize is he wasn’t born a boy at all!

In fact, little Jacob was original born as Mia Lemay, but at around two-years-old he started saying things like “I’m a boy!”

While his parents Mimi and Joe Lemay initially thought it was simply a phase, they eventually realized that Jacob had already made up his mind and it wasn’t long before they started telling family and friends to start calling him by his new name!

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Now some of you might be thinking that five years is WAY to early to decide if a child is transgender or not.

However , Dr. Michelle Forcier from Hasbro Children’s Hospital said most children identify with a gender VERY early on, and transgender kids who can’t reach out face higher risk of depression, anxiety, and even attempts in suicide.

For now, Jacob hasn’t undergone any kind of medical procedures or hormone therapy, but his parents say they have already seen GREAT results since his transition, mainly that he’s smiling and laughing a LOT more!

Now THAT’s what we call great parenting!

Ch-ch-check out Jacob’s AMAZING story (below)!

Apr 23, 2015 5:45pm PDT

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