The 6 Can’t-Miss Moments From Bruce Jenner’s Groundbreaking Interview!

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Bruce Jenner revealed that he was transitioning to womanhood in a brave and candid interview on 20/20 (note: in the interview, Bruce said he still wants to be referred to in the male pronoun).

Bruce began the interview visibly nervous, and used humor and honesty over two hours as he detailed his long and difficult journey. Here are the six can’t-miss moments from the Diane Sawyer special:

1. Bruce Jenner reveals he is transgender right at the start of the interview.

Within the first few minutes, Bruce admitted he was “confused about is gender identity” and had “the soul of a female.”

2. Why Bruce is transitioning now, at age 65.

Bruce’s journey has been a lifelong one.

3. How third wife Kris Jenner reacted to Bruce dressed as a woman.

Bruce revealed he was already on hormones when he and Kris got married.

4. Kanye West helped Kim Kardashian come around to Bruce’s transition.

Kanye West was instrumental in helping Kim accept her step-dad’s change.

5. Bruce reveals his darkest moment

Paparazzi intrusions led Bruce to consider suicide.

6. Farewell to Bruce

Bruce leaves a parting message of hope.

For complete coverage of Bruce Jenner’s interview, click here.

[Image via ABC News.]

Apr 24, 2015 11:46pm PST

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