Truck Driver ‘Inadvertently’ Trades $50,000 Worth Of Lunch Meat For Crack!

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Larry Bowen was sentenced this week for conducting the most bizarre drug deal ever.

The Arkansas truck driver attempted to trade a tractor-trailer stuffed with $50,000 worth of lunch meat for crack cocaine!

Last June, the 45-year-old was hired to deliver meat to locations in Alabama and Florida, but apparently found drug dealers along the way who were hankering for a good ole fashioned meat-crack-swap.

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When their salami sticks weren’t delivered, the company used the GPS on the trailer to locate the truck. They found the truck at a service station in Memphis, Tennessee — and Bowen next to it, eating a lunch meat sandwich!

When the company noticed the refrigerated trailer was missing along with the meat products, Bowen led them to a storage facility where two thirds of the missing meat was recovered.

The trucker explained to the police that he “inadvertently” bartered the meat to two men who offered him an undisclosed amount of crack.

Reportedly, Bowen faces one year of inpatient drug treatment and six years of probation, and must pay $18,500 of restitution for the swap.

We wonder if the meat-loving drug dealers later found a Wonder Bread truck driver to barter with afterwards?

[Image via Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.]

Apr 24, 2015 1:30am PDT

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