Bruce Jenner Transgender-Themed Cocktails Spark Outrage!

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Companies are always trying to capitalize on what’s buzzy.

Awhile back, electronics retailer Best Buy tried to jump on the Serial train with a tweet that totally backfired on the company.

But one vodka company has truly crossed the line with their Bruce Jenner-themed cocktails.

Reyka Vodka sent out a list of drink recipes ahead of Bruce’s highly anticipated 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer. It’s not uncommon for spirits companies to do so before holidays or events like the Super Bowl. But Reyka’s recipes are completely tasteless, and we’re not talking about lacking in flavor.

Here’s a screencap of the recipes Reyka emailed to media outlets:

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The first cocktail — The Jenner Gold — seems to praise Bruce.

It’s the second — The Gender Bender — that has many outraged. The recipe reads:

“If everything we’ve seen and heard is true, Bruce Jenner will reveal his transition as a transgender tonight. From sneakers and gold medals to makeup and dresses, Jenner will finally be able to walk proud as a woman. So throw away the manly drinks and pick up something pure, refreshing and pink with Reyka.”

Their level of insensitivity is unbelievable. We would never use the derogatory slang term “gender bender” to describe someone who is transitioning. And we do not refer to individuals who have transitioned as “a transgender.” They are transgender.

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We respect Bruce’s journey and find those trying to capitalize on it truly horrible.

[Image via ABC News.]

Apr 24, 2015 7:47pm PST

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