Scandal Shocker! Major Character Death Turns Out To Be A Twitter FAKE OUT!

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Oh, Shonda Rhimes. Even when you’re shocking us, you’re doing it with a twist!

After last week’s Scandal, fans mourned the death of Kerry Washington‘s sexy ex Jake Ballard. Actor Scott Foley even confirmed his exit from the show on Twitter!

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But as it turns out, his torso isn’t just good to look at — it’s durable too!

After being stabbed by Olivia’s new man Russell, he managed to survive long enough to be found by Quinn!

She got in touch with Charlie who found an off-the-books Russian doc to tend to Jake’s wounds — in exchange for a little help from Olivia, naturally.

Though she may not have found much success with THAT problem — whole other story — she did manage to figure out that Russell was working for her father!

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Presumably the recovered Jake told her who did the stabbing, because the episode ended with Olivia holding a gun to Russell’s head!

So does this mean Liv and Jake are back together?

Who the eff knows at this point! We wouldn’t be surprised if someone turned out to be a robot! LOLz! This show is cray in all the right ways!

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Apr 24, 2015 12:17pm PDT

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