​Kris Humphries Proves Kim Kardashian Is Lucky SHE Got Out With His Ignorant Tweet About Bruce Jenner!

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Woooow… such ignorance from a public figure is so not okay.

If you felt any kind of sadness for Kris Humphries over his divorce from Kim Kardashian, don’t; he doesn’t deserve your sympathies. The NBA benchwarmer was innerested in what his former father-in-law Bruce Jenner was going to reveal to Diane Sawyer. When he found out though, he wasn’t happy. Kris tweeted:

Meanwhile, Bruce told Diane that Kim has been the most supportive of the transition, in large part thanks to Kanye West!

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We’d say everyone involved made the right choice. Kanye deserves to have Bruce in his life and Kris does not.

We’re proud of you, Bruce!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 25, 2015 9:41am PST

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