Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want Bruce Jenner To Document His Transition In New Reality Show?? Find Out Why HERE!

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Bruce Jenner‘s amazing interview may have done gangbusters in the ratings, but someone is reportedly telling him NOT to stay in the spotlight.

Sources are saying Kim Kardashian West is actually telling Bruce not to go through with the planned docuseries covering his transition.

[ Video: Kim Kardashian Explains To Matt Lauer How To Refer To Bruce Jenner! ]

Of course, Kim K telling someone not to do reality TV is kind of the pot telling the kettle not to be black, but she’s not the only one urging Bruce to step back.

Bruce’s sons — Brody, Brandon, and Burt — are reportedly also trying to keep their dad from doing the show, or any more interviews until his transition is complete.

Apparently they’re all worried that he can only “de-class” his public image after the wonderful Diane Sawyer special.

But Bruce’s mind is made up; he believes this show will educate millions of people about what it means to transition.

So the show must go on.

( From Perez: Bruce stated in the interview to use “he” and “him” so we will do so in our coverage until that changes. )

[Image via ABC/WENN.]

Apr 27, 2015 12:50pm PDT

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