Jake Gyllenhaal Says He Introduces Girls To His Mom On The First Date AND He Used To Be In A Boyband!! This Is Too Good!

jake gyllenhaal introduces girls to mom first date

Could Jake Gyllenhaal be the perfect guy?!

On Monday, the Southpaw actor appeared on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show and revealed that it’s a family effort to help him find love.

When the daytime TV host asked the Hollywood hottie where his favorite date spot was — he said his mother’s house!

Did we just re-fall in love with him? Eep!

Ellen seemed confused by his answer and the star replied:

“I think that’s a good move. She thinks arranged marriages might be able to work. She thinks that if she picked for me that I’d do a lot better”


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When asked if he would let his mom set him up on a blind date, the currently-single star stated:

“Absolutely. I would trust my mom.”

Cue the awwz!

We wonder if Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon all had to go through this process? Very inneresting.

Not only did the Donnie Darko star reveal his dating strategy, but that he also used to be in a boy band in high school!!

According to the Oscar nominee, his band, Whole Shot wasn’t the best. We don’t know what’s cuter — that he was in a boy band or that he can now laugh about it?!?

When shown a picture of his old group — he quipped:

“That’s one good looking band right there.”

And we agree. Jake, feel free to introduce us to your mother — oh and while you’re at it, send us a copy of Whole Shot’s album!

Ch-ch-check out what else the hunk had to say in his interview (below)!

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]

Apr 27, 2015 2:35pm PDT

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