Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Four Day Past Her Due Date!! And When She Finally Pops — The Announcement Will Be Made On Twitter & Instagram!

Kate Middleton is four days past her due date!


According to reports, Kate Middleton is FOUR DAYS past her due date!

We never would have guessed, since she was just spotted shopping at her local Zara Home last week.

According to multiple reports, the Duchess of Cambridge was due to give birth to her second royal angel on Saturday, but royal sources say they planned for last Thursday to be the big day!

What does this mean for Princess Kate and the little one??

Well, the doctors at St. Mary’s could wait up to two weeks before they induce labor, but it’s possible that Prince William‘s wife could be induced sooner than that, depending on Kate’s comfort level.

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But don’t fret, everyone!

Prince George was reportedly overdue as well!

It seems “fashionably late” is a concept that the royals have understood since the womb!

But when the infant finally makes its way into the world, instead of sending a palace aide to break the news, they’ll be sending an email to reporters. Then, only minutes later, the royal parents plan to hit up Twitter and Instagram (@KensingtonRoyal) to publicly announce the birth of their newest child!

While we can’t wait for royal baby number two, we hope momma and child are both okay and healthy!

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Apr 27, 2015 5:02pm PDT

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