Chipotle Becomes The First Fast Food Giant To Remove Genetically Modified Organisms From Its Menu — But What’s Actually About To Change??

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All hail Chipotle!

The king of fast food just went ahead and brought itself to a whole ‘nother level.

That’s because everyone’s favorite Mexican Grill just announced on Monday that it would officially be taking any genetically modified organisms off of its menu!

In our health-conscious world, it’s a little surprising that Chipotle’s announcement marks the first time a major franchise has opted out of using G.M.O.s, but what’s more interesting is that in 2013 the restaurant was actually the first of its kind to even disclose which ingredients featured the modifications.

So aside from knowing that you’ll no longer be eating any G.M.O.s at Chipotle, what’s actually changing about the menu??

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The corn in the corn and flour tortillas, as well as the soy in the tortillas and cooking oil will be fully organic from here on out!

While sodas from outside companies could still use genetically altered ingredients, anything Chipotle has a hand in producing certainly won’t!

Anyone else craving Chipotle right about now??

[Image via Chipotle.]

Apr 28, 2015 3:07am PDT

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