Man Gets Bitten By Alligator During A Festival Demonstration! Watch The Graphic Video HERE!

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Working with wild animals is a dangerous job. No matter how much they’re trained, animals are unpredictable.

So it was no surprise that an alligator trainer bit off more than he could chew when a gator took a bite out of him this week.

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Will Sherrer was performing a wrangle demonstration with his scaly friend at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival in Old Town Spring, Texas when an almost fatal mistake caused the gator to jump up cheryl snap onto the trainer.

The animal latched onto Sherrer for a few seconds before he broke free. The trainer suffered from 20 puncture wounds on his left arm from his bicep to his wrist.

Owner Gary Saurage said that even though Sherrer “didn’t even get one stitch,” he won’t make this mistake again. He explains that miscommunication between the trainer and his partner was to blame for the alligator bite:

“They didn’t talk to each other right. The guy in front says, ‘Are you ready?’ The guy in back thought he said, ‘Go.’ We’re humans and what we do is get complacent sometimes.”

The video recorded by spectator Monique Gongora captures chaotic scene of over 100 people watching the gator snap onto one of the men demonstrating with the wild animal.

Ch-ch-check out the graphic video (below) to watch the horrifying incident!

[Image via Click 2 Houston.]

Apr 28, 2015 12:05pm PST

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