Nick Jonas Is Totally Against Dating Other Musicians — Did His Past Relationship With Miley Cyrus Or Selena Gomez Ruin It For Everyone Else?!

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Never forget Niley!!

That’s Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus for those of you who weren’t around during that Disney Channel era!

Every tween shipped Niley, they were practically everyone’s OTP. However, things change, people grow up, and eventually that relationship went down the drain.

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It’s been years since anyone has even mentioned that ship, but the people over at Elle clearly aren’t over it since they asked the Jealous singer about it!

Here’s how the series of questions and answers went down:

Could you date a woman who didn’t like your music? I probably have dated women who didn’t like my music.
They probably wouldn’t come out and say it. That would be pretty rude. I think that dating other musicians can be complicated at times. Especially when they think highly of themselves.

Are we talking about a specific musician?
[Laughs] No. Not necessarily. [Laughs again] But it does complicate things. That’s probably why I’m no longer with those people.

Would you do anything differently about your relationship with Miley?
I was so young. What’s unfortunate is that, as we got older, we ran in different circles. We’ve always had respect and wished the best for each other. I don’t know that I have any regrets. It’s more gratitude for having had a good friend in a time of craziness in my life and in hers.

Let’s be honest though, as much as this could possibly be about Miles, it could also be about Selena Gomez!

Selly G was a musician when she was a DC star! Selena Gomez & The Scene, anyone??

Anyway, regardless of whoever the 22-year-old is speaking about, Nick is in a happily committed relationship with Olivia Culpo.

It seems like he’s in it for the long haul!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

Apr 28, 2015 2:44pm PST

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