Bruce Jenner Is Finally Living Life Happily After Revealing His Transition — Sources Say ‘He’s Relieved’ About The Whole Thing

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Finally, after years of repressing and struggling with his gender identity, Bruce Jenner is now reportedly living life happily as a woman.

Sources close to the Kardashian and Jenner family divulge that the former Olympian has been waiting his whole life to reveal his real self — and after telling his big secret to the world on Friday evening with Diane Sawyer, things have gotten significantly better for Bruiser.

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A source close to the Kardashian family confessed the 65-year-old is feeling great after the special’s airing. They said:

“He’s relieved. He feels like a big weight is off his shoulders.”

We can only imagine what it’s like to finally be able to live life as your true self!

Another insider opened up about the athlete’s new outlook on life:

“He’s so excited about everything female. He loves to dress up, he loves wearing high heels, he loves doing his hair.”

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They went on to say the father of ten is finally:

“looking like the woman he’s always wanted to be.”

As Bruce revealed in his 20/20 special, his female identity will be kept under wraps until a public reveal that will happen this summer.

However, another source close to the family says the former decathlete hosts quite a few girl parties — in private, of course!

They said he’s been doing it:

“More and more, and certainly in private. Bruce is living as a woman.”

But Bruce isn’t keeping all the fun behind closed doors. The source says the former Olympian does step out every once in a while with minimal make up and:

“he seems confident and relaxed. Recently, he’s left his house with nail polish and lip gloss. He seems more comfortable in his new life.”

Amazing. We’re so glad Bruce is finally able to live life without hiding!

( From Perez: Bruce stated in the interview to use “he” and “him” so we will do so in our coverage until that changes. )

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Apr 29, 2015 10:04am PDT

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