Why So SEXY?? Jared Leto Posts A Pic Of His Joker Muscles, And He Is SHREDDED! WTF Is This Joker Going To Look Like?!

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Now we don’t know WHAT to think!

First Jared Leto and Suicide Squad director David Ayer post a pic of the actor all tatted up as a kind of gangsta Joker.

[ Photo: Ryan Reynolds Tweets A Bloodied, Beat-Up, & Bruised Selfie From Deadpool ]

Then we noticed pics of him looking way different in a full suit, more of a classic — though still scary — Joker look.

Now Jared posted this pic , showing off the weight gain he had mentioned a few weeks back.

WHY IS HE SO RIPPED? Is this Joker going to be a sexy kind of psycho? Is it just to add to the menace?

According to a rumor floated a few weeks back by Latino Review, the Joker is in prison for most of the movie and can be seen working out hard — including doing handstand pushups.

The body we’re seeing in this pic DEFINITELY supports that theory!

Also of note: Jared is sporting a “Death Of Superman” shirt in the pic. Inneresting…

[ Video: The Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer ]

Considering Batman v Superman hasn’t wrapped production, this could be a tease that he’ll have a cameo?

Or maybe he’s just reminding us which side he’s on.

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 29, 2015 10:37am PST

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