Pamela Anderson And Rick Salomon Are Finally Divorced — Find Out What She Got In The Settlement HERE!

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon settle their divorce!

Third time‘s the charm!

After trying to get out of her marriage to Rick Salomon one two three times, Pamela Anderson is finally free!

Did we also mention she’s a million dollars richer because of the whole ordeal?

We learned Wednesday that Pammy got $1 mil from Rick in the divorce settlement, but the entire process was WAAAAAY more complicated than just writing a big fat check.

Back in the day, circa 2008, the couple got their marriage annulled and had a blissful six years apart.

But apparently they learned absolutely nothing from the first time around because they tied the knot again last January, only to file for divorce that July. However, the Baywatch star got cold feet and had the request thrown out.

Finally, this February, Pam decided enough was enough, and filed for divorce AGAIN.

But was Paris Hilton‘s ex going to take that lying down?

Of course not. That would be way too easy and uncomplicated. Rick decided the most reasonable retaliation was to ask to get their marriage annulled.

Then some sex shaming and one restraining order later, it’s finally over!

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Pamela gets to keep a million big ones, and Rick gets to keep his dog, Bumblebee.

Everyone wins!

We’re just glad the final chapter is closed in the Pam/Rick Divorce Trilogoy.

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

Apr 29, 2015 11:37am PDT

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