Barbie Is So Over SeaWorld — Mattel Pulls Animal Trainer Dolls From Shelves!

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Barbie is an independent woman who doesn’t need no man! And it looks like the doesn’t need SeaWorld any longer either!

That’s because the Mattel mainstay has officially quit her job as a whale trainer at the controversial aquarium chain.

The toy giant announced on Wednesday that they would no longer be making Barbie’s SeaWorld Wildlife Rescuer Doll following all of the public backlash Shamu‘s captive’s have been facing ever since Blackfish came out.

Following the decision, SeaWorld released as statement, saying:

“We are disappointed in Mattel’s decision to stop production of the SeaWorld Trainer Barbie. The decision appears to be based on complaints from PETA, an extremist organization that works to close zoos and aquariums.”

You’re disappointed?

We bet Tilikum and the other killer whales are pretty disappointed most of the time too.

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We’re glad to see that Barbie, who has never once worn fur in her 66 years on this planet, is now treating her aquatic friends with the same respect.

What do U think about Barbie’s work force emancipation??

[Image via Toys ‘R’ Us]

Apr 30, 2015 3:03am PDT

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