Courtney Stodden Has An Offer On Her Rumored Sex Tape! You Won’t Believe How Much Money Is On The Table!

Courtney Stodden has an offer on her sex tape!

That certainly didn’t take long!

As we reported Tuesday, former teen bride Courtney Stodden is reportedly looking to cash in on her sex tape… but she might not have to look much longer!

Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch must really want the exclusive rights to the allegedly filthy flick, because he already put an offer on the table.

Just how much could Court get out of this arrangement?

*Dr. Evil voice* One million dollars!

Talk about a money shot! The adult video exec sent a letter to the 20-year-old to say how impressed he was, and that Courtney had the potential to make even more than the (huge) number he wrote down. Steve mentioned she could also get bonuses!

Courtney certainly, um, worked for this pretty penny. The video supposedly featured her and her alone, if you know what we mean.

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But it’s possible she’s not thrilled about the offer. Courtney still hasn’t talked about the tape, or even confirmed its existence!

She took to Twitter on Tuesday to hint at how she’s really feeling:

We don’t know FOR SURE what she’s referring to here, but we’ll give you one guess.

Anyway, it looks like the girl has a decision to make!

What do YOU think?? Will she take the offer, will she try to milk this cash cow a little more, or will she just shut it all down?

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Curtis Sabir/WENN.]

Apr 30, 2015 11:19am PDT

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