Darren Criss’ First Night In Hedwig And The Angry Inch Was A Success & He Couldn’t Have Been More Delicious!

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Darren Criss had his opening night as the star of the rock musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch on Wednesday in New York, and he was fantastic!

And as you can see in the pic (above) Darren looked like perfection for the beginning of the limited 12-week engagement run, where he plays the frontman, Hedwig, of an East German rock band who assumes a female persona after a botched sex change operation and breaks down a lot of fourth walls in the play in order to share his story!

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Believe it or not though, Mr. Criss was nervous! Following the performance at the Belasco Theatre he tweeted:

“I know it’s tradition to say break a leg but let’s hope it stays as only just a phrase├óΓé¼┬ª I like my legs working thank you #HedwigOnBway. For those of you who think #HedwigOnBway will be your first Bway show, it won’t. It’ll be your first Hedwig experience (and hopefully a great one you’ll come back to see!) THEN you can go see your first bway show. What I’m saying is, she’s in a class of her own. #HedwigOnBway is its own wild animal and I hope it rips you up like one. Seeya there.”

And thankfully for us all by the curtain call at the end of the show, his shirt was totally off!

Congratulations, Darren!!!

In honor of his performance, we have a topless pic from the curtain call from last night’s show (below) !!

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[Image via Instagram & Image via Splash News.]

Apr 30, 2015 12:27pm PDT

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