The Houston Rockets’ Social Media Manager Was Fired For Inappropriate Emoji Use! And Fans Are Defending Him By Doing THIS!

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Think before you emoji!

That’s what the Houston Rockets‘ social media manager learned the hard way after a tweet jabbing at their opponents got him fired!

The man in question, Chad Shanks, was excited when the Rockets were heading towards a victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.

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But some people thought Shanks took it too far when the Rockets’ Twitter showed an emoji of a pistol next to a horse, suggesting the Mavs were about to meet their doom (above).

The Rockets fired Shanks shortly after the tweet. Shanks apologized for pushing the envelope too far and is finding the silver lining in the incident:

However, the fans didn’t seem to agree with the team’s decision — they defended Shanks’ trash talk!

In protest, fans unfollowed the Rockets’ official twitter account and generated “Bring Back Chad” T-shirts! They even started a petition for the basketball team to reinstate Shanks, explaining:

“As fans, we understand the tweet about the Mavs last night may have crossed the line, but this season has been filled with great tweets that created an additional personal connection between Houston Rockets fans and the organization.”

Shanks thanked the fans for their support, but said that he “Will probably be tweeting less about basketball now.”

Do U think he should have been fired?

[Image via SLAM Magazine.]

Apr 30, 2015 5:00pm PDT

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