Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Fianc├â┬⌐ Nick Loeb Says Keeping Their Embryos Frozen Is The Same As Killing Them!

Sofia Vergara's ex, Nick Loeb, says their embryos have the right to live.

We get it, Nick. You want the frozen fetuses.

Sofia Vergara‘s ex-fianc├â┬⌐ has been singing this tune for a while now. Nick Loeb filed a lawsuit to gain custody of the two embryos the couple created when they were still together.

The exes froze the embryos just before they split up, and recently Nick has decided he is going to fight for his (unborn) chilluns!

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The businessman is doing whatever he can to get his argument in the headlines… literally! He wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times on Wednesday, where he made some pretty big statements.

The Modern Family star reportedly has no intention of destroying the fetuses, but Nick says that’s no better than killing them! He wrote:

“In my view, keeping them frozen forever is tantamount to killing them.”


But while Nick feels keeping them frozen is essentially the same as aborting them, he says that it shouldn’t have the same legal justification:

“A woman is entitled to bring a pregnancy to term even if the man objects. Shouldn’t a man who is willing to take on all parental responsibilities be similarly entitled to bring his embryos to term even if the woman objects? These are issues that, unlike abortion, have nothing to do with the rights over one’s own body, and everything to do with a parent’s right to protect the life of his or her unborn child.”

Sofia’s ex feels the actress is treating the embryos as objects, not as people:

“When we create embryos for the purpose of life, should we not define them as life, rather than as property? Does one person’s desire to avoid biological parenthood (free of any legal obligations) outweigh another’s religious beliefs in the sanctity of life and desire to be a parent?”

It’s clear that this is something very important to Nick, since he spends a lot of time in his op-ed talking about his lifelong dream of being a father.

But, this is a sensitive and private matter that we feel would be best handled behind closed doors.

The two are due in court May 22 to hopefully settle the issue once and for all.

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Apr 30, 2015 11:53am PDT

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