Grey’s Anatomy Reveals A BIG Surprise & More Heart-Wrenching Moments In This Week’s Episode — Watch HERE!!!

Just when you thought Grey’s Anatomy couldn’t get any sadder than last week’s tear-jerker death, Meredith had to break the news to all her Seattle Grace friends that her hubby was dead.

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It can’t be easy dealing with something like that, but Meredith mustered up the courage to tell them, in a very heavyhearted episode filled with a few more twists. You can see how Meredith handles the situation in the video (above).

The biggest twist came at the end of the episode — SPOILERS!!! — when…

The episode fast forwards over a span of several months and then, through a quick time jump, we discover that Meredith was pregnant before Derek’s death. At the end of the episode — after a miscarriage scare — she gives birth to a baby girl she names Ellis, and tells Alex:

“I didn’t think I could do it, part of me thought ‘what if I have this baby and die? Then I saw her face and I saw him in her, she is beautiful.”

It was a roller coaster of emotions but by the end of the episode we see Meredith putting on Derek’s scrub cap and getting ready to go back to work. What a trooper!

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Grey’s has offered some amazing moments over the years and some truly depressing situations but the characters always seem to find the light somehow. We’ll be interested to see how Meredith deals with being a mother of three kids now!

May 1, 2015 10:43am PDT

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