This Photo Of Miley Cyrus Soaking Wet Without Pants & Barefoot While Holding A Coconut Raises So Many Questions!

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Never have we ever had this many questions about one single image of Miley Cyrus

And believe us, she posts a ton of weird shizzz on social media!

The We Can’t Stop singer was spotted roadside in Los Angeles on Thursday — barefoot, soaking wet, sans pants, and wielding a coconut!

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We’re positively puzzled as to what exactly she was doing, which raised our curiosity to exponentially higher levels!


Why is she all wet?

Why is she barefoot?

Where did she come from?

Where was she going?

There’s absolutely no sign of this outing on her Instagram page, so we’re at a loss!

Our best guess is that she took a dip in her pool, shoes are for amateurs, she’s been hanging out with her pal Mary Jane all day, and she was trying to quench her thirst with a delicious tropical drink — though, we’re open to other suggestions.

Tell us what you think Miles was really doing on the street by SOUNDING OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Splash News.]

May 1, 2015 10:57am PDT

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