Officers Shoot A Couple’s Dog After It Attacked Them For Having ‘Rough’ Sex! But That’s Not What The Cops Are Saying!

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This is one ruff story!

This week, a Jersey City man was arrested after police shot and killed his pit bull, but it’s not that simple.

According to the court case, police responded to a report of a woman screaming that she was being raped. Officers entered the apartment of James Manning, who allegedly reached for a knife and commanded his dog to attack the police officers — which caused them to open fire at the animal.

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But the 31-year-old’s wife tells a completely different story! Diane Manning says that her dog Lily was actually attacking her husband because the couple was having “rough” sex! She explains:

“We were having sex in the bed, a little rough, when my dog got agitated and jumped on the bed and attacked him. She thought he was hurting me and I was telling the dog to get off him and I was screaming and that made dog more agitated.”

Though Diane asserts that she never screamed she was being raped, she admitted to shouting out the window to have someone call the police to help them.

She also explains that the couple had hunting knives in the bedroom, but at no point during the incident did her husband try to reach for them. She also denies the police allegations that the dog was ordered to attack, saying:

“When they came in there were so many of them. They shot my dog while she was on top of my husband. He never told the dog to attack the police. I kept saying, ‘This is my husband please don’t shoot us’…. I was telling them ‘Help me get the dog off him.'”

Those are two very different versions!

Even if the dog wasn’t ordered to attack, police reports confirm that the dog lunged at the officers once they entered, causing them to shoot the animal.

What do U think is the real story?

May 1, 2015 5:24pm PDT

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