Did Selena Gomez Really Call One Of Her Body Shaming Critics ‘Disgusting?!’ Those Are Fighting Words, Girl!

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Way to shut it down, Selena Gomez!

The seXXXy songstress has been receiving a ton of flack for showing off her curvy body these past couple of weeks and enough is enough!

She has already defended herself once after some haters questioned her supposed weight gain and compared photos of her bikini pics to how the actress looked during her Disney days!

People change! It’s natural!

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However, standing up against the body shammers wasn’t enough, because Selena supposedly received some MORE criticism about her body from an Instagram user.

According to these supposed screenshots from her account, Selly called the hater disgusting and went on to defend herself:

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There has been some questions on whether or not these screenshots are real or doctored — because it sounds like Selly G is being super rude to the hater.

Can you blame her? The 22-year-old doesn’t need someone to tell her what Hollywood is looking for, she should know!

Selenas has been in the industry for so long!

What do YOU think? Did Selena really call someone ‘disgusting’ or is it all a fake??

[Image via Instagram.]

May 1, 2015 12:04pm PDT

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