Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Have To Split Uptown Funk Royalties ELEVEN WAYS Due To Similarities To This Classic Funk Hit!

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Uptown Funk gonna give it to ya! And by “it” we mean a sizable royalty check!

With 575 million YouTube hits and 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, Uptown Funk was a massive hit for Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Oh, and four other people too.

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The song originally had six credited songwriters — Mark, Bruno, Bruno’s partner Phillip Lawrence, producer Devon Gallaspy (for the All Gold Everything excerpts) along with Trinidad James, and co-producer Jeffrey Bhasker.

But now, thanks to a new legal settlement, the megahit is being credited to five more writers!

After a claim that part of the song sounded similar to The Gap Band‘s 1979 hit Oops Upside Your Head the writers of that song will now share in the royalties as well.

Brothers Robert, Ronnie, and THE (Uncle) Charlie Wilson, keyboardist Rudolph Taylor, and producer Lonnie Simmons will reportedly split 17% of the royalties.

Ronson and co. settled quickly, and according to Trinidad James’ manager Danny Zook, the $7.4 mil that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were forced to pay over Blurred Lines was a big factor in the decision:

“Everyone is being a little more cautious. Nobody wants to be involved in a lawsuit. Once a copyright dispute goes to a trial, [if a jury is used], it is subject to be decided by public opinion — and no longer resolved based entirely on copyright law.”

There may have been a lot of debate over Blurred Lines, but Oops Upside Your Head does sound a lot like the song’s Up-town-funk-you-up breakdown.

Listen to both (below) and decide!

The Uptown section in question begins at about 2:54.

May 1, 2015 2:05pm PDT

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