It’s Official — Donald Sterling’s Former Mistress V. Stiviano Is No Longer A Kept Woman! She’s Out Of Her Million Dollar Condo And Back To Driving A Hyundai!

v stiviano loses court case

It’s been a rough time for V. Stiviano!

Earlier this April, a Los Angeles judge ordered that the famous supposed side-piece to Ex-Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, evacuate her $1.8 million dollar condo and return $800,000 worth of gifts.

Talk about an epic fall from grace.

The rumored mistress was spotted on Thursday moving out of her former condo and getting into a tattered Hyundai Alantra — which is certainly a step down from the Ferrari she’s used to driving around in.

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The loss of luxury resulted from Donald’s wife, Shelly, who sued V. for being her husband’s mistress and banking rolling her lavish lifestyle.

If you don’t recall — less than a week after the lawsuit was filed, the infamous racist recording that resulted in Donald’s ban from the NBA was leaked to the public.

Coincidence?? We don’t think so either!!

Regarding the lawsuit, the billionaire’s estranged wife stated:

“I did it for justice. I think when somebody harms you in so many ways, justice has to prevail.”

Hell hath no fury like a billionaire’s wife scorned!

Shelly went onto confirm that she plans to donate all of the proceeds to charity.

Aww! At least the adultery money will be put to good use!

The billionaire’s lawyers dubbed his wife’s lawsuit against V. a “pet project.”

He stated:

“We remain perplexed that so much time, energy and money have been allocated to litigating with Ms. Stiviano.”

Though the power couple is currently separated, divorce paperwork has yet to be filed by either Sterling. To make things more complicated — it probably doesn’t help that Donald is wrapped up in another lawsuit against his wife and the NBA over the $2 billion dollar sale of the Clippers.

Supposedly, Donald’s wife negotiated the sale of the basketball team after a doctor found Donald incompetent to run the business.

That’s one complicated family. It seems the Sterling clan will be in the courtroom for quite some time.

As for V., she’ll probably settle on a book deal or a Lifetime movie sometime soon. We’re not too concerned!

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]

May 1, 2015 1:21pm PST

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