Paris Hilton’s Little Brother Is Under House Arrest Before His Trial For His Epic Airplane Meltdown! Get The Deets Here!

Conrad Hilton is under house arrest for smoking marijuana!

Conrad Hilton can’t seem to stop getting arrested…

Except this time he’s locked up in his home instead of a jail cell. Paris Hilton‘s younger brother got busted blazing up and is now under house arrest!

Conrad was arrested earlier this year for going completely BONKERS for 10 hours on an international flight from London to El Lay, where he allegedly smoked weed in the bathroom before sending f-bombs flying at the passengers and crew.

[ Photo: Paris Hilton Eats Pizza At Coachella! ]

When he got out on bond, he promised the judge he wouldn’t use or possess any illegal drugs, but recently admitted to smoking marijuana after he failed a drug test.

Getting high is a pretty big deal when it blatantly violates your bond. But whatever. The bond only cost him $100,000.

As punishment, the judge has given the 21-year-old a curfew! Conrad has to be at home every night from 10pm to 5am.

Yikes! It’s like he’s grounded or something!

It’ll be inneresting to see how the rest of this plays out when Conrad gets sentenced in the next few months!

[Image via Conrad Hilton/Instagram.]

May 3, 2015 3:15pm PST

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