Kanye West Changes The Title Of His New Album & He’s Looking For Nothing But Net!

Kanye Album Change

That’s right ladies and gents! In not so shocking news, Kanye West changed his mind about something and has decided to alter the title of his new album.

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Yeezy took to Twitter Sunday to shout out to his mass of followers, the baller name of his new album. He tweeted:

Though he did specify:

This comes only two months after he sent out a tweet in late February sharing the original album title with fans as well as a picture of the cover art.

It only makes sense that he would change it to Swish since he seemed nearly obsessed with the term back in mid-March when he tweeted four pictures of Kim Kardashian West from her nude photo shoot simply saying “Swish” with each picture:

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Since his last album, the Louis Vuitton Don has released a few songs, including Awesome, which is a tribute to his bae. He’s just proving to the world that he really is all about Kim isn’t he?!

Do you like the new name change, or do you even care?

You’ll have to keep checking back to find out the release date for Swish as nothing has been announced yet, but hopefully it’s right around the corner!

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May 4, 2015 10:51am PDT

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