Seattle Man Gets Stuck Hanging Upside Down From A Basketball Hoop Right Before Violent Protests Erupt! Watch The Video Here!

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This weekend, a man found himself in what would seem like the victim of a middle school bully prank — hanging upside down stuck in a basketball hoop.

During Seattle’s annual May Day march on Friday, a man somehow climbed up a basketball hoop at Cal Anderson Park, and couldn’t get back down!

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Almost a dozen officers tried to get the man down, dangling by his foot from the net. The man thrashed around and attempted to free himself from the net, but it wasn’t happening.

The shirtless man was finally freed when firefighters climbed up to the hoop on a ladder and cut him out. Seattle Police Department took light of the weird situation on Twitter:

It’s still not clear how he got stuck up there, but the Police are still investigating the matter.

After this bizarre event, the May Day march grew violent when protestors threw rocks, wrenches and burning objects at police officers.

Though protesters assemble annually on May 1 to focus on labor and immigration issues, the civil unrest of Freddie Gray‘s death rallied a bigger wave of protest against police violence — with more violence.

Check out the video (below) of the man stuck in a basketball hoop!

May 4, 2015 2:02pm PDT

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