JJ Abrams Pretty Much Confirms Jar Jar Binks Has Croaked & Hints At Putting This Morbid Easter Egg In Star Wars: Force Awakens!

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As far as most Star Wars fans are concerned, Jar Jar Binks is easily the most annoying character in the entire franchise.

Some fans despise the clumsy Gungan so much, they even edited deleted scenes to make it look like he died in The Phantom Menace!

Now, Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams basically confirms that Jar Jar has bit the big one since we saw him last. In a recent interview, the director went behind the scenes of the upcoming seventh movie.

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While watching a shot with spaceships flying low over a desert planet, Abrams pauses the scene and points to the desert ground, saying:

“I have a thought about putting Jar Jar Binks’s bones in the desert there.”

After the room filled with laughter, the director asserted:

“I’m serious! Only three people will notice, but they’ll love it.”

We’re sure more than three people will notice, but most Star Wars fans will love the morbid easter egg anyway!

Do U think Jar Jar’s remains will be seen in The Force Awakens? Check out the cast on set for Vanity Fair‘s cover shoot (below) and see if you spot any hints!

[Image via Fox/Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

May 4, 2015 12:08pm PDT

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