Beyonc├â┬⌐ Accused Of Stealing Khia’s Style — Then Gets Asked To Collaborate With The My Neck, My Back Rapper!

Khia thinks Beyonce copied her style.

All you ladies pop yo publicity like this! Ha!!!

Sorry, we couldn’t resist, and actually the lyrics to Khia‘s iconic My Neck, My Back song fit perfectly with the singer’s attempt to shine some of that spotlight on herself!

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The early 2000s hitmaker happened to think Beyonc├â┬⌐‘s Met Gala dress looked a lot like a sheer lace dress she wore in her You Deserve It video.

She even posted a pic (above) for comparison and wrote:

“She f*cks with my style…We might as well collab and Pop Pussies guh”

Well, we suppose there is an infinitesimal resemblance between the rapper and Queen Bey’s dresses, but we’re more interested in Khia’s desire to collaborate with Mrs. Carter!

In fact, it doesn’t seem so crazy. Bey got pretty sexually explicit on her last album — so maybe she’d be down for some songs about vaginas!

The Beyhive, however, did not appreciate Khia claiming that Bey copied her style and they let the 37-year-old have a piece of their minds, prompting her to acknowledge them on Facebook:

Khia thinks Beyonce copied her style.

Jay Z‘s better half has not responded to Khia’s comments and likely never will.

One-sided celebrity feuds are so fun!

[Image via Facebook]

May 5, 2015 5:38pm PDT

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