Django Unchained Actress Daniele Watts Ordered To Apologize To The Cop She Called Racist?! Will She Actually Say Sorry??

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Talk about awkward!

The saga of Django Unchained actress, Daniele Watts, and the Los Angeles Police Department has seem to come to an end!

On Monday, the Weeds guest star — who was detained last September after allegedly having sex with her boyfriend in her car — has agreed on a plea. One where she has to apologize to the officer she accused of racism. Very inneresting!

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When her story first came to light, the performer alleged that the LAPD unfairly targeted her and her BF because they’re an interracial couple.

However, the claim backfired in the star’s face after reported photos led to the couple being charged with lewd conduct. Yikes!

Daniele has pled no contest to disturbing the peace and in result her lewd conduct charge has been dropped!

In total, the couple must complete 40 hours of community service each and write apology letters to Sgt. Parker and two additional officers.

We don’t imagine Daniele will be donating to police force fundraisers anytime soon — but we do hope the actress has found closure after such a trying case.

[Image via Instagram.]

May 5, 2015 1:17pm PDT

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