Gay-Straight BFF’s Share Their Touching Prom Story & Explain What They Hope Everyone Can Learn From It!

Bffs Going to Prom Together

This is too AH-Mazing for words!

At the end of April, the Twitter-verse was BLOWING up in support of Jacob Lescenski, when he asked his gay bff Anthony Martinez, to their prom.

Jacob, who’s straight, had an elaborate plan to ask his best friend, Anthony, who just happened to be gay, to their prom since Anthony didn’t have a date yet. He set up the most adorable sign and Anthony of course said yes.

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Now we get to see the retelling of their story about their wonderful night together neither friend will ever forget video (below).

It sounds like the boys had an amazing time! We couldn’t imagine a more perfectly fun event for them, even if they did leave room for the “holy spirit” during their slow dance LOLZ!

May 5, 2015 8:17pm PDT

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