This Couple Might Get 15 Years In Prison For Having Sex On The Beach — Is Their Punishment Overkill Or Just The Judicial System At Work??

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Don’t order a sex on the beach the next time you’re in Florida — you could go to jail because of it!

One couple in Bradenton Beach, Fla is in the middle of a pretty sticky legal case after getting caught doin’ the nasty in public back in July.

Jose Caballero, 40, and Elissa Alvarez, 20, were videotaped having sex in the middle of the day on a beach surrounded by kids and tourists, and had to register as sex offenders.

But that’s not the worst of their punishment — Jose could be sent to jail for 15 years if he’s given the maximum sentence!

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While he does have a prior conviction for cocaine trafficking, we think having to go away for that long is a little bit steep; Elissa’s record is clean, however, so she’s facing much less jail time.

There should be some kind of repercussion since they were very clearly having sex very publicly, but we don’t think the prosecutors should be making such a large example out of them.

And it’s not like they were committing an original crime — there’s a whole alcoholic drink named after the act!

What do U think about Jose and Elissa’s case??

[Image via YouTube.]

May 5, 2015 7:50pm PDT

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