DISGUSTING! Gay Couple Bashed Over The Head With A Chair At New York Restaurant!



Last night in Manhattan, New York at a Chelsea Dallas BBQ, a gay couple was reportedly hit over the head with a wooden chair by two men shouting anti-gay slurs!

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Thankfully, Isaam Sharef was quick on his feet and took a couple videos (Instagram video below) of the events to help share the truth.

The two victims, Jonathan Snipes, and his boyfriend Ethan York-Adams spoke with DNAinfo and recounted their night by saying, after Snipes received message about a death in the family, they were leaving the establishment when they accidentally spilled a drink on their way out. That’s when Snipes says:

“A table near us audibly started making pretty gross comments about the two of us like, ‘White f—-ts, spilling drinks. I don’t let anyone talk to me like that. I went over there and asked, ‘What did you say about us?”

This is when things reportedly escalated and one of the men stood up and the verbal confrontation snowballed into something more physical where Snipes was knocked to the ground and beaten.

As you can see in a second video Sharef took (posted below) several restaurant patrons were shouting to stop the confrontation to no avail. Snipes goes on to say that it was at this point that:

“[York-Adams] gets me up. But as he tried to get me away, that’s when the other dude hits him with the chair.”

Shortly after, both assailants fled the scene of the crime and have yet to be caught.

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When questioned by the New York Daily News, Isaam Sharef, the man who posted the videos of the altercation, seemed have a slightly different take as he he retold the story to New York Daily News that Snipes took the first swing and stating:

“I didn’t get the impression it was a hate crime because the other guy (Snipes) started the fight.”

A spokesperson for the NYPD told DNAinfo that there was an investigation currently underway but the incident was not being considered a hate crime at this time.

Frankly, hate crime or not, that kind of abusive language and physical actions are completely unacceptable for anyone! We’re just glad that Jonathan and Ethan are okay, and we hope the two other men are brought to justice!

[Image via Instagram.]

May 6, 2015 7:37pm PDT

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