Wait, What?! Katy Perry Says We Should Be THANKFUL For The Kardashians — Find Out Why HERE!

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Pump the brakes, Katy Perry!

At the Met Gala this past Monday, Ms. Perry made some very inneresting comments in defense of the Kardashians, a family many have come to love or HATE.

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Essentially, the singer explained why we should be thankful for the Kardashians existence… and it’s all because of one very special person.

The Fireworks singer said:

“I was thinking the other day, is like, we’ve all had our own commentary on the Kardashians, but if the Kardashians hadn’t existed, there wouldn’t have been the fantastic Bruce Jenner, who is just evolving everybody right now with all of his wonderfulness. So, the Kardashians in my book, are completely valid.”

Wow, that’s a lot to take in!

While we agree that Keeping Up with the Kardashians gave Bruiser a platform to tell his story, he definitely wasn’t MADE by the Kardashians! Jenner was an Olympian and all around AWESOME person before he ever met Kris Jenner!

To be honest, the 65-year-old had WAY MORE fame than Kris when they first shacked up!

Maybe Katy just used the wrong choice of words to express her support for Bruce, which is totally endearing.

So, what do YOU think of the singer’s comments?

( From Perez: Bruce stated in the interview to use “he” and “him” so we will do so in our coverage until that changes. )

[Image via Instagram/E!.]

May 7, 2015 5:00pm PDT

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