Texas Grandmother SHOCKED To Find Cocaine In Her Granola Bar! Get The Crazy Details HERE!

Nature Valley has some serious explaining to do!

San Antonio resident Cynthia Rodriguez was sitting at home enjoying a granola bar when she noticed a tiny plastic bag filled with a white powder and covered with green dollar signs!

Not sure what it was, the 60-year-old called Nature Valley to see if she had won some of contest and it wasn’t long until they redirected her to the police, who eventually confirmed it was cocaine!

That’s right! Cynthia’s granola bars came with a heaping helping of high quality cocaine!!

Luckily the grandmother got her hands on it before any of her grandchildren did, but she says that now she has boxes full of Nature Valley bars that she’s too scared to open!

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What makes the whole situation even MORE confusing is the fact that Cynthia says she did NOT buy these bars at the store and she received them from a friend!

Police say they are currently not taking any legal action, however, they ARE trying to find where the granola bar was packaged! General Mills released a statement on the incident saying:

“We are confident this did not happen in our facility and referred this to the police department back in March.”

Cynthia has no plans to file any type of lawsuit against, but she IS curious about how this mixup happened in the first place!

We’re not gonna lie, we’re a bit curious ourselves now!

May 7, 2015 4:20pm PST

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