Nebraska Woman’s Lawsuit Against All Homosexuals Thankfully Gets Dismissed

Crazy Lady

Sometimes we’re still surprised but how nutty people can be!

Remember Sylvia Ann Driskell, that woman in Nebraska who filed a lawsuit against “all homosexuals” a few days ago? Well more details have come out about her case — yes it’s crazy and thankfully the courts agree!

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Apparently the Nebraska local who had filed the lawsuit — on seven handwritten pages btw — mainly just quoted Bible verses, and definitions of words from dictionaries in order to condemn homosexuality. Even more confusing, she listed “homosexuals” as the defendants in the case but somehow forgot to include any harm those defendants have caused to Driskell as the plaintiff — oh, who by the way she listed representing herself as the ambassador of “God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

The LGBT blog, Equality on Trial summed up the court’s dismissal and noted how odd the entire case was. Sylvia Ann’s lawsuit didn’t seem to be asking for anything, money or damages, or even asking the court to strike down a law or even a restraining order. In fact, it didn’t even ask the court to grant the woman any kind of relief against gay people.

District Judge John M Gerrard saw how absurd this entire case was and said:

“A federal court is not a forum for debate or discourse on theological matters….To the extent that she asks for anything from the Court, it is a declaration that homosexuality is sinful ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ a question that the Court cannot answer. The Court may decide what is lawful, not what is sinful.”

Well we can’t ask for courts to give their personal opinions on what might be moral or ethical matters, but at least they still recognize bat-sh*t crazy when they see it!

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Tragically, we doubt this will be the last time something like this happens, but in the meantime, we’ll mark this as a win for the ACCEPTING and SANE people of the world.

May 8, 2015 4:50pm PST

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