Dave Coulier Shares Pic Confirming Uncle Joey’s Return For Fuller House And Character Descriptions For The New Kids Are Released!

Cut It Out Uncle Joey

Cut. It. Out! The Tanners are coming back and we couldn’t be more excited!

Netflix has done it again and started to piece together more original cast members from Full House for their reunion/revival/spinoff show, Fuller House!

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Yesterday, Dave Coulier posted the following picture (below) on Instagram to make the announcement that he’s going to reprise his role of Uncle Joey on the new Netflix Series, Fuller House.

Yes, I’ll be on the Fuller House reunion. And this guy, Mark Cendrowski will be directing. #cutitoutA photo posted by Dave Coulier (@dcoulier) on May 7, 2015 at 5:58am PDT

In the pic, Dave also spills the beans about who the director will be, Mark Cendrowski, who’s most recent popular work has been directing The Big Bang Theory.

Coulier bumps the list of returning actors for Fuller House up to five while we wait for the rest to join the party! So far the actors who are officially signed on are:

Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey), John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy). Both Bob Sagat (Danny Tanner) and Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky) are reportedly still in talks to sign on. No word yet on whether or not the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen will be returning. As of a couple weeks ago, they said they had just found out!

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This news came shortly after TVLine released the character descriptions of three new cast members to Fuller House, two of which are DJ’s kids, and the other presumably Kimmy’s. Take a peek at the breakdowns for the new characters:

Jesse Daniel (aka “JD”) is DJ’s 12/13-year-old son, described as a “ladies’ man” with three girlfriends. He worshiped his dad and is having a difficult time coping with the loss, which results in him acting out. DJ tries to make him a better person ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ he allegedly resents her for “constantly pushing him to read, do charity work and generally de-shallow” ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ but it doesn’t sound like her plan is working. (Bonus scoop: JD is a musician and rides bikes, just like his [Great] Uncle Jesse.)

Max is (presumably DJ’s) 6/7-year-old son who seems to take after “Grandpa Danny” in that he’s got O.C.D. like whoa. “He takes tremendous pride in keeping his room tidy, his shirt tucked in and has already mastered the art of hospital corners.” A tech geek who also lacks rhythm, Max looks up to his older brother and is constantly seeking his approval.

Ramona is (presumably Kimmy’s) 12/13-year-old daughter. Though she’s bi-racial, Ramona fully embraces her Latina heritage, and considers living with the “white-bread Tanners” to be “totally lame.” She’s described as being smart, but not into school. Instead, her interests include: “boys, fashion, being cool, social media and taking pics every second of every day.” (Sounds a lot like a 2015 version of Miz Gibbler├óΓé¼┬ª you know, minus the whole “smart” thing.)

These sound like great additions to us! Are you excited for the new kids to join the family?! Or do you prefer the focus to remain on the original Tanner family?

Either way, we’ll be crossing our fingers that they’re able to get Bob and Lori back — it just wouldn’t be the same without them!

[Image via Instagram.]

May 8, 2015 11:40am PDT

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