Mel Gibson Shocks Fans With Surprise Appearance At The Mad Max Permiere!

Mad Max Fury Road Premiere

Can you believe Mel Gibson did something shocking that wasn’t scandalous?!

Last night at the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road, Mel surprised everyone when he popped by the TLC Chinese Theatre for the red carpet for the event.

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He appeared to be all smiles as he posed for pics with the new Mad Max and star of the film, Tom Hardy, as well as director and creator George Miller. Tom spoke about the surprise appearance and stated:

“It’s great to have Mel here. I didn’t expect him to come…George created Mad Max with Mel, [he’s] synonymous [with the role]. I’ve just inherited the legacy. And it’s my job just to turn up and do as he asks. I’m a different person to Mel. But at the end of the day, it’s George’s further development of his imagination with this character.”

One of Mel’s first major films was Mad Max back in 1979, which was also directed by Miller. His presence was a great sight for fans as he leant support to the new film and his former director, AND gave us a great passing of the torch moment. It’s always nice to see someone remembering their roots.

Do you agree this was a nice nostalgic moment for the fans or do you think Mel was just looking for attention? Either way, we know the fans who lined up for the event went wild and loved it!

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May 8, 2015 10:00am PDT

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