Kanye Interrupts Surprises & Performs All Day At The Chicago Bulls Playoff Game

Kanye West During Bulls Game

He wouldn’t be Yeezy if he did it any other way!

Kanye West came out of his courtside seats, where he was sitting for the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers playoff basketball game in Chicago last night, to perform All Day, a single off his upcoming album Swish.

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What’s curious is we don’t know if this was really West winging the moment or if it was planned somehow.

In this day and age, there are so many channels of approval that someone (even Ye) would have to go through for something like this, that it seems unbelievable that it wasn’t planned.

But on the flip side, the Bulls posted a statement along with video on their Twitter last night saying:

Now who knows if we can trust a statement like this, as this would be the obvious tweet for a publicity stunt, but it seems as if it could have been a surprise to them.

If you watch the full video (below) you’ll notice it has some NSFW language that happened to make it through editing. We’re guessing that wouldn’t have happened if this was planned, either that or someone within the Bulls is going to get a talking to!

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What do you think? Was Kanye’s performance really spur-of-the-moment? Or was this all just another act? Either way, Kanye’s performance wasn’t enough to help his hometown overcome the late buzzer beating heroics of LeBron James and the Cavs!

[Image via Twitter.]

May 11, 2015 11:12am PDT

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