5 Seconds Of Summer Got Rid Of Their Beloved Tally Mark Logo And Replaced It With Skulls Because Of Copyright Drama?! Noo!!

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Nooo! The tally mark that we all know, love, and associate with 5 Seconds of Summer will probably be gone for good!

Well, as long as the copyright issue is in place, it looks like 5SOS will have to change their logo — and as of late, they have been!

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A shop by the name of “Undefeated” is reportedly suing the Australian band for copying their five tally mark logo:

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It looks fairly similar, don’t it?? We wonder if Undefeated would have the grounds to sue TV shows that have shots showing the same tally marks on the walls… just sayin’.

Anyway! The Aussie dudes aren’t putting up a fight because they have been experimenting with a new skull look — super punk rock, right?! — and while their fans are somewhat coming around to the new image, they still want the old tallys back!

Calum took some time out of his busy tour schedule to respond to a complaining fan on Twitter.

So, in case any of you are still confused as to why 5SOS isn’t reverting to their old logo, he wrote:

The band may be taking this issue lying down, but their fans aren’t!

By taking matters into their own hands, the 5SOS Fam started a petition on Saturday asking the powers that be for the four cuties to keep their original logo!

Maybe the people over at the Undefeated clothing brand will soften their hearts and allow these teenage heart throbs and their legion of fans to keep the tally mark for just a little bit longer!

Fingers crossed!

If you’re interested in signing the petition mentioned above, CLICK HERE!

[Image via Undefeated/5SOS/Twitter.]

May 12, 2015 3:57am PDT

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