High School Seniors Try To Sell Their School On Craigslist For Their Senior Prank!

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Thinking of a great senior prank? Forget the days of drawing phallic images on the football field, this is a prank fit for the internet age!

The seniors of Arkansas City High School thought of the pretty genius prank by listing their high school for sale on Craigslist! The ad lists the school for a price of $2,015 (Class of 2015, get it?) but details that all offers will be taken into consideration:

“All of us seniors are heading off to college and we do not need this school anymore. We all need the cash to pay off loans and everything else we need in college. This school offers a lot of space for parking or even your cattle!”

Hopefully, these students are planning to major in marketing because this advertisement is ON POINT! The ad continued:

“Who knows if you buy this school and attend it you might actually learn something. This year’s seniors were the only thing keeping this school together and working.”

This is a pretty bullet proof prank. They didn’t have to sneak into the school and risk getting caught. Also, it’s completely anonymous so no one could get busted!

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Though the school admires the ingenuity of the seniors, they want to make it clear that the school is NOT for sale! District public relations director Alisha Call explained:

“We certainly understand that seniors are winding down and having a good time and that was clever, but the school is not for sale. We just wanted to clarify.”

We’re pretty sure everyone is aware, girl!

What do U think of this senior prank?

May 12, 2015 6:15pm PDT

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