Reporter Confronts Arrogant Soccer Fans Who Interrupt Her To Yell ‘F*ck Her Right In The P*ssy!’ Watch!

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All of the applause goes to this woman!

News reporter Shauna Hunt was interviewing soccer fans after a Toronto FC‘s game on Sunday, when an obnoxious fan thought it would be funny to shout a vulgar phrase into her mic.

The fan interrupted her interview to say:

“F*** her right in the p*ssy!”

That’s not the first time the reporter heard this saying. This crude phrase has been become a popular way to harass news reporters during live coverage.

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But Hunt wasn’t having it this time. She paused the broadcast to confront the men about their immature behavior. She asked them why they would do that, explaining:

“It’s a disgusting thing to say. It’s degrading to women. And you would actually humiliate me on live television?”

It seems silly that she had to explain how offensive the men were for saying that on live TV, let alone to a female reporter.

But the men defended their actions, claiming “it is f*cking hilarious.”

Luckily, Hunt posted the confrontation on Twitter and generated a ton of support. The Kingston Police even got involved in the matter, warning that the vulgarities can be seen as verbal assault:

Hopefully, people start to realize how the FHRITP phrase is not only offensive, but completely trite and unoriginal. Check out the video (below) to see the entire confrontation.

May 12, 2015 12:32pm PDT

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