Domino’s Is About To Let You Order A Pizza With Nothing But An Emoji!

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Pizza wasn’t always a staple of the American diet, but then delivery was invented and changed EVERYTHING!

Today it’s probably the easiest meal to get — place an order over the phone or on your computer, have fresh hot ‘za in less than an hour.

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Now Domino’s is attempting to streamline the process like never before — using Twitter! They tweeted:


OK, the pizza emoji may not be much of an announcement, but soon it WILL be enough to order a pizza!

On May 20th, the company will begin trying out a brand new tweet-to-order system that will allow you to order with nothing but a symbol!

CEO Patrick Doyle explained just how fast this will be:

“It’s the epitome of convenience. We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to order from us, and this is pretty darned easy.”

So, you get the craving, you tweet the pizza emoji to @Dominos, and that’s it??

OK, obvi there has to be some preliminary setup involved where you sign up online and log your favorite order and payment info.

But still, one-click pizza!

It’s a beautiful yet terrifying prospect. We mean, what if you butt-dial?

Hmm, we guess unexpected pizza isn’t the WORST thing that can happen to a person! LOLz!

[Image via Domino’s/Twitter.]

May 13, 2015 4:45pm PDT

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